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Welcome to the Sixgill Support Documentation Portal. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

(tick) Get an Overview of the platform.

(tick) Integrate the Sixgill Reach™ SDK for Android, iOS, or WinPhone.

(tick) Learn more about our Server API to manage agents/devices, rules/events, and landmarks.

(tick) Report on valuable Action and Proximity history using our Data Extractor Services.

(tick) Have a problem? Submit a support request by using our Customer Support Portal, or send an email to

Implementation Overview

The following is a very quick overview of the steps required to implement Sixgill technology:

Agent Integration 

Turn devices into powerful, context-aware agents

  1. Mobile developers use the Sixgill Reach SDK to incorporate our technology into their mobile application. Sixgill Reach handles communication between the device and the Sixgill Sense™ proximity platform, enabling optimized proximity and sensor data tracking. 

  2. Mobile developers may choose to display an interface for reading in-app messages that the agent receives. The developer can choose to embed the easily brandable Sixgill Web Inbox widget, or utilize their own inbox. See Sixgill Messaging and Inbox Guide for options.

Cloud Integration

Use APIs to build sensor-based rules and interact with agents through messaging and trigger callbacks to other systems, and more

  1. Web developers leverage the Server APIs to manage the building blocks of Sixgill platform: Agents, Landmarks, and Rules. Rules drive all interactivity on the platform.

  2. Web developers leverage the Historical Data Extractor Service or Real Time Data Exporter Service to retrieve proximity and action data for reporting / metrics